Liquid Roofing and roof sealant

Liquid Roofing

A liquid roofing or roof coating system is commonly used within the construction sector.   The material can be sprayed, rolled or brush applied onto the roof surface covering to coat the entire rooftop.  Liquid Roofing creates a single, seamless and homogenous surface that is totally waterproof, acting as a roof sealant against harsh weather condidions.

When roof sealant or liquid roofing is spray applied it is an extremely effective means of coating hard to reach areas behind service pipes and HVAC equipment.

LRS is a manufacturer of high performance, technologically advanced cold liquid membranes for waterproofing roofs, walls, floors, and balconies. Each of its roof sealant systems are recognised as leaders in their respective fields, thanks to their unique credentials in waterproofing, longevity, and application speed, making them the preferred choice of quality, cost-effective systems. The experienced technical team at LRS backup can offer customers with support and advice as well as providing them with detailed specifications, technical data and product guarantees that come as standard with all LRS systems.

The Liquid Roofing Systems from LRS are extremely cost effective compared to other less efficient roof sealant systems. Thanks to their 25-year guarantee, you have total peace of mind that the liquid roof will perform as expected in the long term.

The Fastcoat liquid roof can be used to coat almost any surface, making it a versatile roof sealant solution on most projects. To ensure the highest quality use of the product and to help your project team achieve the best quality results, contractor training with Approved Certification Services are offered by Liquid Roofing System (LRS).

LRS Fastcoat Pure Polyurethane range offers complete waterproofing systems for roofs, green roofs, balconies, gutters, walkways, car parks and many more. It benefits from a fast curing formulation that typically cures within 4-6 hours, which means that unlike many alternatives Fastcoat offers substantial reductions in application time, to save you time and money on site as well as making surfaces waterproof more quickly.

LRS Fastcote is suitable for application in new build situations and can also be used for the refurbishment of properly prepared old felt, asphalt, concrete, metal, Fibre Glass and many more where other roof sealants may not be sufficient.

To help you find the correct system for your project and to give you optimal results, Gordian Building Solutions are proud to offer the following products from LRS’s range of liquid roofs.  For more information or advice, please contact us today:

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