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Euroclad Trapezoidal Metal Roof Profiles

The Euroclad Trapezoidal roof profile (also known as a 32-1000F) is suited for roof pitches greater than 5°. The profile is made up of a series of corrugations, each in the shape of a trapezium, (Trapezoidal Profile) which lap together side to side and end to end, making it very easy to cover varying areas of roof quickly. The profile sheets are coated steel, but can also be supplied in aluminium, and have mastic seals located in the end and side laps. The sheets can be used as a single sheet (single skin) installation or as an external skin to a built up roof system. Finish options: Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® pre-finished steel, Colorcoat Primsa® three layer manufacturing technology to create an optimised, robust and chrome free pre-finished steel product, Colorcoat LG plastisol leather grain, PVDF aluminium or organic patina aluminium. Euroclad’s Trapezoidal systems can also be used for curved roofs. 

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