Rooflights are an excellent method of maximising daylight in a wide range of commercial buildings, which helps save energy bills on artificial lighting. At the same time, rooflights maintain thermal efficiency of the building because they are built-up systems comprising double or even triple skins layers. Our range of rooflights are designed to integrate with all commonly used Metal Roof Profiles. Rooflights are sometimes referred to as skylights, FAIRS (Factory Assembled Insulated Roof Lights) or roof windows.

Modern rooflight systems provide high levels of natural light into the building and this has been proven to be beneficial to occupants health and wellbeing. Daylight, when harnessed correctly, has been shown to have massive energy benefits, offsetting the need for less healthy artificial lighting while cutting energy costs by 30% to 45%.

There have been several peer-reviewed independent studies that provide compelling evidence that access to plenty of natural daylight results in, for example, patients being discharged from hospital sooner. In simple terms, skylights and rooflights promote good health and mood, and as such are a key consideration in many modern building projects where occupant health and efficiency are important.

Within the education sector, natural daylight is now a key part of classroom design.  Professor Peter Barrett in his ‘Clever Classrooms’ study found that daylight and ventilation can increase children’s learning capacity by up to 16%. Natural light, unlike artificial lighting, also helps to create a sense of physical and mental comfort. Critical to optimising daylight in the classroom is the amount of glazing and rooflights are a very effective method of meeting this requirement.

Other research has shown that exposure to daylight in the workplace throughout day can improve mental function – including memory and speed of work – between 10 and 25%. It shows that the more natural light introduced into a workplace such as a factory or retail store, the more productive employees and staff become. There really are compelling reasons to make sure rooflights are part of your design.

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