Purlins & Rails

Purlins & Rails

Steel roof purlins are a testament to lightweight strength and unmatched versatility. These innovative Z and C-shaped sections, meticulously crafted from galvanized steel, revolutionize roof construction, offering exceptional durability and cost-effectiveness. Spanning large bay sizes up to 15 meters, our purlins seamlessly integrate with modern roof structures, ensuring long-lasting performance and unwavering support for metal-clad walls.

Lightweight cold-formed steel roof purlins have been used in the UK for nearly 60 years. They were first introduced to replace steel angles and channel sections, which were heavy and difficult to handle on site.

Modern purlin and rail are made from galvanised steel, which is cold-rolled into either a Z or C shaped section with various lips to give it extra strength and rigidity. The shape minimises the amount of material need to achieve strength and weight loading requirements, creating a roof structure that is cost effective and long lasting. Purlins and rail systems are available to suit all kinds of modern roof constructions, including large bay sizes up to 15 metres. The rails are designed specifically to support metal clad walls in either horizontal or vertical applications.

The benefit of using galvanised steel purlin and rail systems is that they are quick to assemble, which means you can complete the project sooner. The components are supplied to cut to size and pre-punched to reduce the amount of work on site. It is simply a matter of assembling the individual components. The strong, lightweight nature of the purlins also allow you to achieve much larger spans than traditional timber purlin and rails, whilst avoiding the need for specialised lifting equipment. Galvanised steel is often the only option for these larger spans when it is not possible to use timber.

Galvanised steel purlin and rail systems are ideally suited to single skin metal roofing and cladding sheets, meaning they are frequently used for commercial, retail, leisure, industrial and agricultural buildings.

Five benefits of galvanised steel purlin and rails:

  1. Lightweight and strong
  2. Galvanising ensures a low maintenance, long life
  3. Long spans – up to 15m, making them the ideal alternative to timber
  4. Purlins and rails are supplied cut to length and pre-punched – saves time on site
  5. Steel is 100% recyclable – making our range a highly sustainable choice.

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