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Fundermax Decorative Cladding

Fundermax Decorative Cladding

Fundermax Exterior is a decorative rainscreen cladding systems that has been designed to allow you to give character to your building. Fundermax Exterior cladding panels are not just exceptionally hard-wearing – they are the means for turning your ideas into reality, no matter how many different colours, patterns and surfaces you visualise you can create it with the vast range available with Fundermax Decorative Cladding.

Combining the best in modern aesthetic character with high performance in use to prevent rain ingress, Fundermax Decorative Cladding is compatible with a variety of different framing approaches and meets the highest standards required for modern construction.

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For more information about using Fundermax Decorative Cladding as rainscreen in your upcoming project, please contact us to speak to a member of our team today or download the technical brochures from the links below.

Fundermax Max Exterior cladding panels consist of lengths of natural fibre – about 65% of the weight of the boards – and synthetic resins. The panels are free from organic halogen (chlorine, fluorine, bromine etc) compounds, asbestos, wood preservatives (fungicide, pesticide etc) and sulphur, mercury and cadmium, meaning the precisely managed production processes has no negative effects whatsoever on the environment.

FunderMax offers exterior solutions to the construction industry. The FunderMax range includes facade systems, panels for facade and balcony applications all of which features on a variety of construction projects worldwide, from residential to offsite, commercial and public and private sector.

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