Insulated Roof Panels

Insulated Roof Panels

Insulated roof panels offer a compelling solution for enhancing building performance, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. These versatile panels are composed of a sturdy metal exterior and a layer of high-performance insulation, providing a combination of durability, thermal protection, and visual appeal.

Insulated roof panels or Composite panels as they are commonly known provide a cost-effective and practical solution to enhance energy efficiency and regulate temperatures in buildings. These panels effectively keep the interior warm in winter and cool during summer, while also controlling condensation levels. Gordian Building Solutions offers a range of insulated roof panels featuring an internal and external metal sheet with insulation options such as rockwool, polyisocyanurate (PUR and PIR), or polyurethane.

Designed with a trapezoidal box profile structure for added strength, the panels come in traditional tile or corrugated profiles, allowing for diverse aesthetic finishes without compromising on installation time. Gordian Building Solutions takes pride in offering insulated roof panels sourced from respected manufacturers, including Tata, Joris Ide, Kingspan, and others.


The benefits of insulated roof panels extend beyond simple installation and design flexibility. These panels offer longevity and durability thanks to their painted and galvanized metal components, ensuring reliable long-term service life. They also provide cost-effectiveness, reducing both short-term construction time and long-term energy costs. By preventing heat loss through poorly insulated roofing, the panels contribute to energy savings, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

In addition, insulated roof panels offer acoustic performance, reducing noise transfer in buildings such as factories, agricultural sectors, and schools. They also help combat condensation issues by maintaining the temperature on the panel’s surface above the dew point, preventing corrosion and damage. This creates healthier buildings with lower relative humidity, promoting a comfortable and safe environment.

Choose Gordian Building Solutions for your insulated roof panel needs and benefit from their expertise in energy efficiency, temperature control, condensation prevention, and acoustic performance. Experience the advantages of these cost-effective, durable, and environmentally sustainable solutions for your building projects.

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