Insulated Wall Panels

Insulated Wall Panels

Insulated wall panels are a practical and cost-effective way to improve building insulation to improve energy efficiency and regulate the temperature throughout the year, keeping the internal environment cooler in summer and warmer in winter. In addition, the building insulation can help reduce condensation, which provides health benefits to occupants and workers by reducing mould and damp, whilst protecting the building fabric from corrosion.

Insulated Wall Panels

Insulated wall panels consist of an external and internal metal sheet, which are usually made of galvanised painted steel. Standard sheet thicknesses tend to be between 0.4mm to 1.0mm, which offers a variety of strengths as required.

Building insulation is available in both polyurethane and polyisocyanurate (PUR and PIR) as well as rockwool (also known as mineral wool). When choosing the type of insulation, flammability and resistance, or structural characteristics such as thermal and moisture protection, should be considered.

Insulated wall panels often have a micro rib profile structure, there is an alternative option of a corrugated box profile. These provide metal wall panels with extra rigidity whilst creating an appealing aesthetic, excellent building insulation properties and reduced installation times.

Gordian Building Solutions offers a wide range of insulated metal and composite wall panels with up to a 40-year guarantee – assured longevity for most buildings. This provides you with the confidence that you are making the best investment in terms of long-term energy efficiency and low maintenance.

Cost Effective:

A significant amount of all heat can be lost through poorly insulated walls, which results in increased costs that are reflected in your energy bills. Insulated metal wall panels offers rapid construction, incredible durability and energy efficiency, driving down overall installation and operating costs.

Design Flexibility:

Insulated wall panels are supplied in various profiles, colours and custom modular widths, providing aesthetically pleasing design options for horizontal installation while improving overall building insulation. 

Ease of installation:

Insulated wall panels are available in a wide range of thicknesses to meet building regulations and achieve the required u-values. They are easy to install and are less labour-intensive compared to traditional, built-up up and twin-skin metal wall solutions for building insulation which usually have several layers and components. The ‘one layer’ or one component aspect of insulated wall sheets means that a larger area can be covered in a shorter time.

Building Insulation with Longevity:

Galvanised painted metal components not only last longer, but they age well too. insulated wall panels are manufactured from the highest quality materials, using state-of-the-art production equipment and rigorous quality control standards to ensure long-term reliability and service life.

Healthy buildings:

Gordian Building Solutions’ insulated wall panels offers effective building insulation solutions for combatting condensation on the rear side of the wall. When temperature and humidity conditions reach the dew point, moisture in the air condenses on the rear side of uninsulated metal wall sheets. These droplets can fall, causing damage to the contents below or accelerating corrosion of the building structure. Our insulated micro rib panels tackle this issue by ensuring the temperature on the panel never reaches a dew point. A range of ventilation accessories also ensures a constant circulation of air to reduce relative humidity and create healthier buildings.

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