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HD Sharmans has built an enviable reputation on providing high performance engineered systems for industrial and commercial gutters. Their mission since being founded by Harold Sharman, is to prevent leans and improve gutter performance through market leading systems that customers can totally trust to do the job.  HD Sharman and Gordian Building Solutions have a team with the expertise to support you through the entire process.

Whether you are a contractor, property manager or specifier, we will support and guide you through every step of the project cycle.

HD Sharman Plygene® Gutterline has been the gutter refurbishment system of choice for contractors and specifiers in the industrial and commercial sectors for over 30 years.

Throughout this time, the Plygene® Gutterline range has been developed into a BBA accredited, 25 years guaranteed, market leading system.  Engineered specifically for the gutter environment, Plygene® Gutterline gives specifiers, building managers and contracts complete peace of mind. The system has been designed to meet the many challenges of the commercial gutter environment, Plygene® Gutterline’s bespoke design means that it can be installed in all commercial gutter networks, whatever the complexity or width.

Plygene® Gutterline is manufactured from a non-PVC based thermoplastic blend and is precision extruded to exacting quality standards; manufactured to an industry leading nominal 1.5mm thickness and independently tested and certified for full UV resistance.

Plygene® Gutterline is Supplied in bespoke lengths on seamless, joint-free rolls.

There is no need for any adhesives or mastics. Using Machine Tooling, the liner is creased longitudinally to match the existing gutter dimensions and to optimise the original calculations for rainwater drainage. Its molecular chemistry provides a membrane that is resistant to mechanical damage, weathertight, flexible, and durable. Plygene® Gutterline can be used in all commercial gutter profiles and substrates, including steel, other metals, concrete, asbestos, or timber. Using a non-bonded “gutter within a gutter” design fully caters for thermal movement in the substrate of the gutter and the freeze-thaw effect, that can be a cause of splitting and cracking that is often associated with liquid and membrane bonded systems. The system has the benefit of having no joints that can be common area of leaks and failure.

Gordian Building Solutions are proud to offer the following product from HD Sharmans range of high quality rainwater systems

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