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Rockpanel is a versatile and sustainable architectural solution. With a wide range of colours and various textures and finishes. Rockpanel stands as a premier A2 fibre cement cladding system. Ideal for diverse rainscreen installations  Rockpanel offers a comprehensive range of aesthetic and performance attributes.

At Gordian Building Solutions, our exclusive in-house CNC fabrication service ensures precise cutting and priming of Rockpanel cladding panels, ready for immediate installation. Transform your projects with the unmatched aesthetics and functionality of Rockpanel from Gordian Building Solutions.

Rockpanel, crafted from sustainable basalt rock, seamlessly blends the advantages of both stone and wood into a single, versatile product. This flexible and robust board can be effortlessly shaped to fit any design vision. With limitless possibilities in design, Rockpanel boards come in various colors and dimensions, offering a broad palette for creative expression.

Derived from a sustainable resource, Rockpanel boasts unique properties that contribute to the creation of durable, workable, and low-maintenance boards. Comparable to wood in processing ease and significantly lighter in weight, Rockpanel helps minimise construction and installation costs.


Beyond its adaptability, Rockpanel excels in durability, weather resistance, temperature resilience, and UV protection. Its low-maintenance quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer, as the boards are treated with a water-based coating that preserves their appearance, color, and finish for an extended period.

Available in an array of colors and designs, Rockpanel board materials exhibit distinctive characteristics, making them ideal for various applications such as facades, roof-edge installations, or special details like ceilings, entrances, and infilling. Whether opting for a classic or bold look, a restrained or playful aesthetic, or a charming or idiosyncratic style, Rockpanel board material promises to bestow every residential or industrial building with a unique and lasting appeal.


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