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Manufactured from the sustainable resource, basalt rock Rockpanel decorative cladding products combine all the benefits of stone and wood in one. The material is flexible and robust and can be installed easily in any shape or form. 

Designed to maximise performance while also being compatible with a variety of framing technologies, the range of decorative cladding from Rockpanel can be used to create attractive and modern exteriors for buildings and combine with underlying panels and materials to create a highly resilient and striking exterior.

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To learn more about the full range of Rockpanel Decorative Cladding products and enquire about using them in your upcoming construction project, please contact us today or download our brochure below.

Rockpanel is produced from a sustainable resource with unique properties resulting in durable, workable and very low maintenance boards. The material can also be processed as easily as wood, and it has a lightweight nature, keeping your construction and installation costs to a minimum. All Rockpanel products are treated with a water-based coating that results in a long lasting appearance, colour and finish. The material is also available in over 200 different colours and designs, all of which are ideal for use in facades and roof-edge applications, as well as special detailing such as ceiling, entrances or infilling. ordian Building Solutions is proud to offer a bespoke CNC fabrication service on all Rockpanel products,


meaning we can cut and drill the boards to your specification and deliver them ready to install. Part of the Rockwool Group, the world leader in stone wool solutions, Rockpanel is a leading global manufacturer of sustainable, fire rated façade solutions. Manufactured using compressed natural basalt (a readily available volcanic rock) bonded together with an organic binder, Rockpanel facades are sustainable and environmentally friendly. All Rockpanel products are long-lasting and almost fully recyclable. This results in an excellent environmental assessment for production, mounting, use and recycling, certified with Green Guide ratings of A+ or A by the British Research Establishment (BRE).


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