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Raintite is a leading manufacturer of bonded steel and aluminium products, providing fabricators and prestigious projects with a unique anti-slip pattern membrane, which ensures safer, quick and one time installation. Raintite’s Fold-out W3 Guttering System is the original and still the best solution for trouble free, easy installation of rainwater systems. Its clever design requires minimal welding. This reduces fabrication time because it eliminates 50% of site welding through the innovative membrane overlap system. Refined over a period of 60 years, Raintite’s W3 bonded steel sheet is suitable for all gutter applications. Benefiting from a unique anti-slip surface and covered by a 25-year guarantee ensuring a trouble-free project from manufacture through installation and in life integrity. The company’s Fold-Out W3 rainwater range is the ideal solution for replacement and new guttering:


The Raintite Fold-out W3 rainwater system was designed over 60 years ago. Its innovative design has change little of over the years because of the multiple benefits it offers. One of the main benefits is that it can be installed much quicker than other systems because it requires 50% less welding. This is achieved by a unique membrane overlap systems. At the same time, it allows for contraction and expansion. The finished installation is sturdy and resistant to wear, even in high traffic areas.

Raintite’s Fold-out W3 design makes it ideal for use on both existing and new builds. The bonded steel sheet can easily be inserted into existing guttering, saving time and money. Alternatively, it can be fitted as a new installation where it is commonly specified as membrane lined gutters. When used as a gutter liner it provides a long lasting and cost-effective solution compared to alternatives.

Gordian Building Solutions are proud to offer the following products from Raintite range of rainwater systems:

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