Roof Decking

Metal Roof Decking

Metal roof decking is a revolutionary solution that redefines structural strength, weight efficiency, and installation simplicity. These lightweight yet robust panels, meticulously crafted from steel or aluminium, provide unwavering support for roof elements while optimizing the weight and size of the steelwork frame structure

Metal Roof Decking

The principal benefit of Metal Roof Decking is that they are considerable lighter yet stiffer and stronger than many other systems. That means that the weight and size of the steelwork frame structure can be reduced. Plus, the components of the roof do not require specialist handling and lifting equipment, so it is much easier and quicker to installer than other systems.

Metal Roof Decking, which is usually made from steel or aluminium, supports the roof elements although it doesn’t provide the weatherproofing layer. They do, however, give structural strength and durability, whilst being a cost efficiency method of creating the roof construction. Metal Decking for roofs also offers significant benefits in terms of weight and load-bearing capacity.

Steel roof decking is an integral structural system that is used on most large flat roofs. The steel roof deck is a structural panel that spans over roof joist or purlins to provide a flat, strong surface for application of the final weatherproof layer. The steel decks can be used with most roofing materials such as built-up roofs, membrane roofs or insulated profiled sheets. Metal roof decks can be used for flat, sloped or curved roofs. Metal Roof Decking is an ideal solution for green roofs or brown roofs where they support the increased weight loading of the substrate material.

Metal Roof Decking is an aesthetically appealing solution that can be specified as a prefinished coating, such as polyester, pre-painted aluminium and Colorcoat. Fire rated Metal Roof Decking is available to meet fire rating performances

Benefits of Metal Roof Decking:

  • Speeds up the construction schedule, so reduces overall project time
  • Metal Roof Decking reduces the weight of the steelwork frame
  • Reduced weight loading on the structure can reduce foundation costs
  • Integral ceiling and service fixing system
  • Aligns with follow on trade, helping them save time
  • Provides a safe working platform when fixed in place
  • Achieves required fire rating.


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