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It is often overlooked the importance of accessories to the performance and aesthetics of a finished wall system, at Gordian Building Solutions we can supply the highest quality accessories including roof flashing, fixings, foam fillers, insulation, support bars, brackets, roof sealant and tapecompliant with each manufacturer within your wall build up. Certain wall cladding systems require the use of specific accessories to install their system in order for the manufacturer of the wall cladding

product to issue a warranty/guarantee for a project, Gordian Building Solutions will support our customers through this process to ensure compliance.Gordian Building Solutions offers all the accessories required to fit any brand of exterior wall cladding system, including gaskets, profiles, trims, flashings,  bar & bracket, sealants, foam fillers, insulation, vents, corners, birds beak, gaskets, tapes, colour matched torx screws, rivets, tek screws, joints, edge finishes, hangers, rails and adhesive systems

We can also supply you with the tools, drills, bits, drivers and much more to fix your product, speak to our sales team for more information about the following roofing accessories:

  • Roof fixings
  • Flashings
  • Support Bars
  • Roof Insulation
  • Brackets
  • Tape
  • Roof Sealants


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