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Cedral Rainscreen Cladding

Cedral Decorative cladding is an autoclaved fibre cement weatherboard which is manufactured from a mixture of cement, organic fibres, fillers, and water.

Suitable for use in a wide variety of projects and providing a high-quality finish that is resistant to the elements and meets current building standards, Cedral Decorative Cladding is an excellent choice for your upcoming commercial construction project, allowing you to achieve an excellent exterior result that will retain a fresh look for many years.

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Cedral are an integral part of homes all across the UK for over a century, Cedral slates and facades have deep-rooted history and heritage. Formerly under the brand name of Eternit, Cedral are one of the UK’s most experienced companies when it comes to fibre cement slates and are proud to have been putting roofs over heads for decades. As part of the global building materials group Etex, Cedral’s residential range of products now unites worldwide under the Cedral brand, offering you more choice, more services and more expertise to make your build as easy as possible. Cedral want to offer one strong company for all construction and architectural needs.



Cedral is the brand within Etex dedicated to the entire house and they are committed to driving the industry forward by developing beautiful, affordable and environmentally sustainable building products. ”The Cedral range of siding cladding is suitable for your new build or renovation project, Cedral has been developed for homeowners and is committed to building more beautiful homes around the world, continuously improving existing materials and driving innovation to develop new products and solutions. With over 100 years’ experience, Etex has grown from a small Belgian family business into an international industrial group and has perfected the manufacturing of fibre cement building materials.



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