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Metal wall profile cladding, which are also referred to as box profile sheets, 32-1000 profiled sheeting, corrugated metal wall sheets, wriggly tin, trapezoidal profile wall sheets or simply metal wall sheets, have been used in the construction industry for over a century. They offer numerous benefits including long life (up to 40 years), appealing styles, interlocking panels for maximum wind resistance and fire resistance. The vast majority of metal wall profiles are made from steel or aluminium. They need little maintenance because aluminium has corrosion resistant properties, whilst steel wall sheets have a tough, corrosion resistant galvanised coating and are then covered with a protective coating such as polyester, PVDF or plastisol, which provides additional long term protection. Metal wall profiles are most commonly used for functional buildings such as those in the retail, manufacturing and agricultural sectors. The tough galvanised coating also makes them suitable for use in industrial environments.

Metal wall profiles are primarily chosen because of their competitive price, quick installation and low maintenance. Another key benefit of metal wall cladding is that the sheets are lightweight yet extremely strong. This makes them easy to handle and install and means minimal weight loadings are placed on the building foundations. This can allow significant saving to be made in high embodied foundation materials compared to some heavier wall cladding systems. Box profile sheets are suitable for installing on walls because they are very cost-effective solutions and easy to install, it makes them a popular choice for both contractors and developers. Due to their lightweight nature they do not need expensive and time-consuming support structures. Metal wall profiles can be used as a single sheet (single skin) installation or as an external skin to a built-up wall system.

Five key benefits of metal wall cladding are:

  1. Lightweight – made from high grade steel or aluminium meaning a thinner section can be used whilst still delivering long term performance.
  2. Strong – impact resistant and much stronger and safer than polycarbonate wall sheets and fibre cement profiled sheets.
  3. Cost effective – One of the ways to reduce overall construction costs is to choose metal wall profiles because it means the project can be completed quicker, meaning a faster handover to the client.
  4. Availability  – manufactured in the UK on short lead times in a wide range of styles and colours.
  5. Easy to install – Large format sheets make installation very quick.

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