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Decorative Cladding

Enhance your building’s exterior with versatile and aesthetically pleasing decorative cladding, a protective shield against harsh weather conditions and a canvas for stunning designs. Whether you’re seeking traditional elegance or modern innovation, decorative cladding seamlessly adapts to your vision.

Decorative cladding offers a robust and aesthetically pleasing solution for keeping your building’s external wall dry and protected from harsh weather and atmospheric erosion. This ventilated cladding system utilizes natural wind airflow to control rainwater and prevent it from entering the building, while condensation is drained out through ventilation inlets and outlets. The ventilated air space serves multiple functions, including drying condensation at the rear of the cladding in cold climates and cooling the inner layers of the construction in warm climates, reducing the

demand for air conditioning and the chance of mould and mildew development. Gordian Building Solutions partners with multiple decorative cladding manufacturers, including Equitone, Swisspearl, and Rockpanel, to offer an extensive range of decorative rainscreen cladding options that provide robust façade protection and unlimited creative opportunities for designers to produce eye-catching structures. These cladding panels are suitable for use in all types of construction projects, including residential, commercial, public, and private sector buildings.

Gordian Building Solutions offers a bespoke in-house CNC fabrication service, ensuring that all decorative cladding panels arrive cut to size and ready to install. This service, along with a nationwide distribution and sales network, allows customers to benefit from fewer deliveries, direct-to-site shipments, reduced installation time, and less waste.

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