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Swisspearl building boards (Formally known as Cembrit Building Boards) play a vital role in modern construction as essential components. These boards have been widely utilized  in prestigious and large-scale projects across various sectors. Swisspearl boards are known for their durability, high racking strength, moisture resistance, and fire-resistant properties, and are the ideal choice for building boards.

A major advantage of fibre-cement cladding is its resistance to many types of weathering from frosts and thaws to intense heat or drenching. Fibre-cement sheets are also extremely strong, retain their shape, and are resistant to rot and fungal infection. The boards are also fully reusable Gordian Building Solutions supplies the construction industry with a range of Swisspearl fibre-cement cladding and building boards alongside an expert in-house cutting and shaping service to support short lead times and accuracy of cut. Swisspearl is one of the  leading manufacturers of multi-capability fibre-cement building products.

Lightweight, consistent and resistant to fire, chemicals and water, Swisspearl fibre The strength of the fully reusable fibre-cement boards is achieved through an innovative fabrication process. Laminates of fibre cement sheet are layered and compressed under tremendous pressure after which they undergo a slow curing process and are then reinforced by specially selected fibres in many thin layers. The sheets are made from a combination of natural materials including cement, sand, and water, supplemented by non-toxic organic fibres. Cement building boards are manufactured under quality-controlled factory conditions.

Gordian Building Solutions is proud to offer the following products from Swisspearl:

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