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Swisspearl Multi Force

Swisspearl Multi Force is a remarkable internal building board designed to meet diverse technical requirements, including fire, sound, and impact resistance. This fibre cement building board comes in dimensions of 12mm x 2551x1200mm and offers excellent impact resistance and acoustic insulation properties.

Swisspearl Multi Force is the ideal choice for partition and dry-lining applications. Whether it’s cut to size for suspended ceilings or fixed to ducting and lift shafts, Swisspearl Multi Force proves to be a versatile internal building board.

This high-quality building board is engineered to fulfil multiple needs simultaneously, such as withstanding rigorous use while preventing moisture penetration and mould growth. It serves as a practical and functional solution for creating indoor spaces that meet specific requirements.

Swisspearl Multi Force Specification:

Thickness: 12mm

Width: 1200mm

Length: 2551

Key Benefits of Swisspearl Multiforce:

  • Non-Combustible
  • Low Maintenance
  • Long Lasting
  • Weather Resistant

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