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Founded in 1985, Joris Ide is now one of the leading manufacturers of steel cladding products in Europe.  The company produces a complete range of metal wall profiles that are suitable for a wide range of different buildings.  Joris Ide metal wall profiles meet the latest acoustic and thermal requirements.

The JI Shield System offers excellent energy efficiency and air tightness. It is capable of achieving air

The Joris Ide Shield System of metal wall profiles is guaranteed to provide a minimum useful life of 25 years.  Every component supplied by the company and installed as part of the system has a guarantee that promises the system supplied:

  • Is manufactured with material that will remain fit for purpose up to 25 years when combined with the appropriate coatings available
  • Achieves the published thermal, acoustic, fire and structural performance when correctly installed in compliance with manufacturer recommendations
  • Includes materials that can be recycled after demolition
  • Is manufactured with material or components that are Quality Assured to conform to ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Standards

With excellent energy efficiency and air tightness, the Joris Ide Shield System is capable of achieving an exaptational performance in terms of air permeability with levels of just 10 m3/h/m2

The investment by Joris Ide in CAD Details, BIM Objects and a Part L Design check Capability means that the Shield Systems can be used to meet requirements for the whole building.  Following extensive testing, and where specified, Joris Ide shield systems are verified meet performance criteria for acoustic systems including:

  • Sound Intensity
  • Sound Absorption
  • Sound Reduction

Joris Ide Shield Systems have achieved a “notional” designation of AA/Brook(t4) under Appendix A / Table A5 of approved Document B in the 2010 building Regulations for England and Wales and Booklet E Table 5.6 of the equivalent 2012 Northern Ireland Building Regulations.

Gordian Building Solutions are proud to offer the following Joris Ide Metal Wall Profiles:

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