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Nvelope framing systems, including brackets and rails, are used to support decorative cladding panels. The systems help to create a cavity between the building substrate and façade which is required for insulation and ventilation.

NVELOPE Rainscreen cladding systems are suitable for use with most types of decorative façade materials that utilise mechanical fix and structural adhesive techniques.

The main advantages of specifying Nvelope for your next project is that all products are BBA certified and the thermostops on the brackets are a distinctive green colour and come pre-fitted, making the installation process much easier. For all Nvelope systems, ‘T’ and ‘L’ profiles are fixed using support brackets, through a series of fixed and flexible point brackets which absorb vertical dead loads and wind loading and allow for expansion and contraction. Nvelope bracket spacing is determined by cladding options such as the dimensions and weight of the façade cladding, local wind loads and cladding zone.


Specify Nvelope direct from Gordian Building Solutions and our expert team ca work closely with you to offer advice on the most suitable framing system for your project. In addition, all NVELOPE products supplied through Gordian Building Solutions can be delivered direct to site and ready to install.

Established in 2002, NVELOPE (which rebranded in 2021) is a leading designer and manufacture of quality ‘off the shelf’ framing systems, including aluminium brackets and rails for vertical and horizontal cladding applications. The company also manufactures bespoke systems for specific OEM customers. All NVELOPE products are designed for architects and built for contractors, offering quality aesthetics alongside ease of installation.

Gordian Building Solutions is proud to supply the following products from Nvelope:

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