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Euroform Versapanel A2 Building Boards

By integrating the established and verified benefits of cement bonded particle board with the supplementary advantage of Euroclass ‘A2’ reaction to fire, A2 Versapanel® offers remarkable functionality when faced with moisture, setting it apart from exterior gypsum boards. Notably, the necessity to seal cut edges to prevent deterioration is eliminated, and there exists no temporal restriction on exposure before concealing it with other facets of the facade.

Comprising of wood particles and cement, this cement bonded particle board exhibits extraordinary robustness and endurance when juxtaposed with exterior gypsum boards. While its primary purpose lies in serving as an SFS sheathing board, it also lends itself aptly to diverse applications like timber framing, modular construction, or off-site installations.

A2 Versapanel Specification

Material: Cement Bonded Particle Board

Length: 2400mm

Width: 1200mm

Main Benefits of A2 Versapanel 

  • A2 Fire Rated
  • BDA Agrément (BAW-19-093-P-A-UK)
  • Contains no hazardous volatiles, is asbestos free and its process dust is non-aggressive
  • A2 Versapanel® board is relatively smooth in texture and light grey in colour
  • Exceptional performance in the presence of moisture when compared with exterior gypsum boards
  • Superior mechanical performance compared with exterior gypsum boards
  • Helps improve the air tightness of façades when sealed at any joints

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For the latest information, documentation, and downloads regarding A2 Versapanel we recommend you cross reference any information on our site with the manufacturer’s website, which is available here to ensure all information you are receiving is up to date.

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