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Versaroc® MPA1 stands as a fibre cement board made by combining ordinary Portland cement with inorganic reinforcing fibres. Its exceptional attributes make it an optimal choice for serving as exterior sheathing for SFS frames, owing to its elevated durability and non-combustible nature.

The product’s compliance is evaluated against the standards of BS EN 12467:2012+A2:2018, where it secures an A1 non-combustible classification according to BS EN 13501-1:2018 for its reaction to fire properties. Featuring a light grey hue, Versaroc® MPA1 exhibits a relatively smooth surface on one side, complemented by a textured reverse. Notably, the board demonstrates high moisture tolerance and has achieved a category A performance rating in accordance with EN 12467:2012+A2:2018.

Versaroc Specification

Material: Cement Bonded Particle Board

Length: 2400mm

Width: 1200mm

Main Benefits of A2 Versaroc

  • Reaction to fire: A1 non-combustible
  • Light grey in colour, relatively smooth to one side with textured reverse
  • Highly moisture tolerant and has achieved category A performance to EN 12467:2012 + A2:2018
  • Helps improve the airtightness of building envelopes when sealed at joints
  • Relative high density for excellent acoustic performance

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For the latest information, documentation, and downloads regarding A2 Versaroc we recommend you cross reference any information on our site with the manufacturer’s website, which is available here to ensure all information you are receiving is up to date.

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