Efius FRB

Effisus Breather FR-B

The Effisus Breather FR-B Membrane is a fire retardant waterproofing breathable membrane, made of polyester nonwoven with a waterproof special coating. Effisus Breather FR – B Membrane has exceptional UV resistance and is designed for open or closed rainscreen cladding systems, cavity and masonry, lead weatherboarding panels, tile/slate and timber frame cladding. The Effisus Breather FR – B Membrane os Suitable for facades with cladding joints that range from 50mm to a maximum of up to 50% of the facade area. Effisus Breather FR – B Protects the building against driving rain and moisture, preventing future corrosion, insulation deterioration and mould growth. Increases the building energy efficiency and minimizes the condensation risk.

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