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Ash & Lacy’s Ashzip Standing Seam system is an effective and proven roofing solution. It is manufactured by the company, which was established more than 140 years ago, to exacting performance and environmental standards.

Ash & Lacy’s Ashzip is designed for use on roof pitches down to 1.5 degrees. The standing seam panels are roll formed from continuous strip coil to any required length and are mechanically seamed together onto secret-fixed halter clips and then locked into position using a zipping machine.

Fasteners are positioned below the roof covering at the base of the halter and are therefore concealed from view. The result is an integral roof covering that has no joints or end laps, making rainwater penetration virtually impossible.

The Ashzip profile is available in cover widths of 300 and 400 mm and can be produced in a tapered format to create a radial roof on plan. Movement of the top sheet due to thermal expansion is catered for by a sliding action over the head of the halter. Any joints or apertures in the roof should therefore be designed to ensure that the movement of the sheets is not impaired in any way.

The Ashzip external profile is available in either 3000 series aluminium or GZ275 pre-painted galvanised steel. In addition copper and stainless steel profiles are also available, both offer extra long life and corrosion resistance. Copper is a good choice if you are looking for the roof to develop the beautiful, natural Verdigris green patina over time.

Ashzip standing seam profile is available in cover widths of 300mm and 400mm. Sheets can also be produced in a tapered format to create a radial roof on plan or as faceted elements within roof plans which curve more gradually. Non-standard profile widths can be supplied in special cases. Non-standard widths cannot be pre-curved. Ashzip standing seam profile is produced from 0.9mm thick, 3000 series Aluminium. It is also available in other materials, such as colorcoated steel, zinc, copper, etc



Finishes available include plain stucco embossed, PVF2/PVdF and ARS on aluminium, or Plastisol on steel in the full range of BS and RAL colours. Special design considerations are required for zinc roofs and softer materials.

Stucco embossed & plain mill finish aluminium

0.9mm thick plain mill finish & stucco embossed aluminium is normally expected to last the life of the building without maintenance – BS5427: 1976. BBA certificate 06/4301 states 40 year life expectancy.

PVF2/PVdF on aluminium

With excellent durability and colour stability, this finish usually provides a long-term aesthetic life in excess of 20 years on an aluminium substrate. As the aluminium does not rust and most shades have an even colour change that does not peel, it is feasible that some applications may never need attention, other than simple regular maintenance.


ARS (Abrasive Resistant System) on aluminium

An abrasion resistant coating for aluminium with good handling characteristics and advantages for certain applications. 20 years aesthetic life span can be achieved.

200 microns Plastic Coatings on steel

The established high performance coating on pre painted steel. Corus HPS 200 ULTRA is available with a projected lifespan of up to 40 years


Ash & Lacy has been developing innovate products for over 140 years.


During that time it has grown into a company with a group annual turnover in excess of £50 million and employing over 350 staff across 8 office locations in the UK.

The Ash & Lacy Group manufactures high quality products and systems for the construction, automotive, acoustic and audio markets, exporting to numerous countries around the world.

Within the Construction sector, the company offers a diverse range of engineered facade and roofing systems tailored to the needs of architects and contractors. Ash & Lacy’s standing seam roof system, Ashzip, is offered with a comprehensive range of fasteners, load bearing components and accessories. Extensive in-house testing facilities, as well as design and engineering analysis capabilities ensures that all Ash & Lacy products are at the forefront of technical performance, and often exceed industry standards.

Gordian Building Solutions are proud to offer the following products from Ash & Lacy’s range of Standing Seam roofs:


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