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Euroclad Vieo Standing Seam

Euroclad’s Vieo is a long-strip metal roof with a flat pan and a traditional aesthetic that complements all kinds of buildings including residential, commercial and public buildings.

It can offer significant cost savings versus traditional materials like zinc and lead because it is a manufactured sheet product, making it much faster and easier to install correctly than traditional materials because the product details are simpler.

Vieo is available in a choice of materials.  In most cases it is produced using steel and aluminium, but is also available manufactured from zinc; whatever the material choice the very latest roll forming machines are used by Euroclad to manufacture Vieo standing seam roof sheets.

Euroclad’s Vieo provides a cost effective alternative to lead roofs and zinc roofs. It is manufactured using the latest technology. The standing seam range is also available curved or tapered, making it easy to achieve relatively complicated building shapes. The name Vieo was chosen for Euroclad’s standing seam roof system because it means stitch or seam in Latin, which refers to the seam overlap that is folded and closed to secure the roof and make it weather tight. The roof is a perfect combination of value for money, proven technology and aesthetic form. A wide range of materials, colours and finishes.

For more information about Euroclad Vieo, please speak to a member of our team, who will be happy to discuss the needs of your project and advise about the most suitable materials for use.

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